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Stop Alabama RINOs from Killing a Good Bill!

If you sign this petition you will be showing the members of the AL Senate committee on Judiciary that Alabama deserves a government which is Republican with appropriate representation.   RINOs in the Alabama swamp have successfully killed SB97 in the AL State Senate.  This bill was promised to many individuals in the state as a way to prevent the current and future governors from issuing continuous emergency dictates without any legislative input.  Alabama Governor former long time Democrat (current RINO) Kay Ivey issued several emergency orders to close businesses, provide economic incentives, spend Covid stimulus funds, force social distancing, and much more.  Alabama is currently under several "emergency" health orders.  Now that the Alabama Legislature is in session they refuse to hold this out of control RINO governor accountable for her actions.  We must show our resolve.  Sign this petition today. 

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